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MycoAlertTM PLUS Mycoplasma Detection Kit (10 Tests)

Catalog #: LT07-701

Identify mycoplasma contamination in your cell culture supernatants, media, and supplements in just 20 minutes


Product Overview

To ensure you obtain accurate and reliable results from your cell culture experiments, it is essential that you regularly test culture samples for mycoplasma contamination. Mycoplasma detection is challenging because contamination does not cause pH or turbidity changes of your cell culture medium, which are common indicators of other contaminants. Our MycoAlertTM PLUS Mycoplasma Detection Kit offers a convenient solution for your mycoplasma detection needs and is our most advanced MycoAlertTM Testing Kit, with higher light output compared to the first-generation kit. This allows for:

  • Use with less sensitive plate luminometers or multifunctional readers
  • Testing of unused media, media supplements, or water

The positive control for the MycoAlertTM PLUS Mycoplasma Detection Kit is available separately in the MycoAlertTM Assay Control Set. The control set includes a lyophilized positive control and assay buffer for reconstitution, which also serves as a negative control. The MycoAlertTM Assay Control Set is designed for use with the MycoAlertTM PLUS Mycoplasma Detection Kit. We always recommend using the control set when performing assays.


How the MycoAlertTM PLUS Mycoplasma Detection Kit Works

The MycoAlertTM PLUS Mycoplasma Detection Kit is a selective biochemical test. It exploits the activity of mycoplasmal enzymes that are present in all six of the main mycoplasma cell culture contaminants and the vast majority of the 180 known Mycoplasma species, but not in eukaryotic cells.


  • Easy assay: Simply add two reagents to the culture supernatant and perform two luminescence readings
  • Results in < 20 min
  • Easy interpretation of results


  • Detects all common mollicute contaminations (Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, Entomoplasma and Spiroplasma; except Ureaplasma)
  • Suited for tube luminometers, plate luminometers and multifunctional readers

Content & Storage


1 x 1.2 mL MycoAlertTM PLUS Reagent (lyophilized)
1 x 1.2 mL MycoAlertTM PLUS Substrate (lyophilized)
1 x 3 mL MycoAlertTM PLUS Assay Buffer


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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Kinetics of light emission using the MycoAlertTM PLUS Kit

Kinetics of light emission for uninfected and infected cells using the MycoAlertTM PLUS Kit. The B/A ratio indicates the presence or absense of mycoplasma.

Know Your Enemy – Mycoplasma Contamination in Cell Culture


Watch this webinar on mycoplasma testing and learn about potential impacts of a contamination on cell cultures and how you can easily uncover and remove it. 

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Interested in Using MycoAlertTM Assays But No Luminometer at Hand?

Check out the LucettaTM 2 Luminometer for performing MycoAlertTM Assays right next to your cell culture hood. Mycoplasma detection couldn't be more convenient.

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Interested in Testing the MycoAlertTM PLUS Assay?

If you are interested in testing the MycoAlertTM Plus Assay, request a trial kit at a 50% discount. The trial kit includes the MycoAlertTM PLUS Assay (10 tests) and the MycoAlertTM Assay Control Set for positive control.