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The MODA® Platform: Digitalize quality and manufacturing

The MODA® Platform is comprised of 3 modules. Choose the module that's right for you now and easily scale to suit your requirements by adding additional modules when needed.

  • MODA-EM® Quality Control
    Automating the full spectrum of QC Activities
  • MODA-ES® Manufacturing
    Intuitive, flexible and proof with efficient electronic batch records
  • MODA® eLogs Electronic Logs
    User friendly, compliance-enforcing electronic logs
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Why choose the MODA® Platform?

The MODA® Platform is designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry to enable organizations to digitalize their operations.

A track record of sucess

We have extensive experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and informatics, having worked with customers around the world, across all therapeutic modalities. Partnering with us gives you the expertise needed for timely implementation and long-term digitalization success.


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Our industry experience

The MODA® Platform addresses the issue of paper records associated with batch records, QC forms and logbooks, long cycle times for review/approval activities, deviations for missing entries, incorrect entries, calculation

Lonza looked externally for a solution, but found the marketplace was too expensive and not flexible enough to meet our needs for clinical phase CMO customers that had changes more frequently than commercial operations.

The Lonza Informatics Team stepped in to help solve that issue. The combination of the subject matter expertise from multiple Lonza Manufacturing Groups and Lonza Informatics understanding of paperless solutions in a regulated space allowed for a product that solves the needs of the mid-sized CMO/Pharma plant. Lonza Informatics know-how and Lonza manufacturing’s experience allowed for a more flexible, cost-effective solution to replace paper records than other solutions in the market.

What our customers say:

'Rather than also installing a LIMS, we made the decision to install the MODA-EM® Module only. Not only did it mean not having to invest in a second system, we also don't have the duplication of tasks and effort that might otherwise have been required.'

Nikon CeLL innovation Co. 

'It's a tremendous value... It actually gives you a significant competitive advantage, there is no question about it. For us, we value speed, and this is a must. We would spend sometimes [on the paper] weeks trying to reconcile the batch records and release it, and a lot of it was wasted time. So, there was no question, it has to be done.'

Dr. Phanesh Koneru, CEO of Exela Pharma Sciences,

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