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MODA® eLogs benefits

  • Intuitive — a smooth, app-like user experience. Easy to navigate, with minimal training needed
  • Enforced compliance — enforce SOP-compliant workflows for right-first-time data collection
  • Improved data integrity — time-stamped audit trails, electronic signatures, and protection against use of out-of-calibration equipment ease the path to regulatory compliance
  • Configurable and flexible — configure and build out workflows based on your company’s needs and capabilities. Easily update workflows when processes change
  • Seamless end-to-end operations — Smoothly integrates with other MODA® Platform Modules and external systems for automatic scheduling, logging, and tracking
  • Reduce deviations — automatically schedule logs after equipment and room use with enforced tracking of status and state to ensure manufacturing occurs with only released areas
  • Real-time data access — easily search data for quick investigations and decision making. All logs for one piece of equipment together to understand the full picture
  • Expedited review and approval — Review-by-exception workflows streamline log checks. Eliminate the need to manage, maintain, and store your paper log

Why choose the MODA® eLogs Module?

Intuitive and user-friendly: Built with a focus on the end user, the interface replicates the smooth user experience of modern apps, making it intuitive and easy to navigate, and requiring minimal training to operate.


Enforce compliance: The MODA® eLogs Module enforces workflows as per standard operation procedures (SOP), ensuring accurate data are collected the first time. Complying with data integrity requirements, the system also provides time-stamped audit trails and captures electronic signatures. The risk of using out-of-calibration equipment or working with the wrong instrument for any given step is eliminated. 


Configurable and flexible: Workflows can be configured and built out based on the needs and capabilities of each manufacturing facility. When processes evolve, workflows can be easily updated.


Integration with other systems: For seamless end-to-end operations, the MODA® eLogs Module integrates with the MODA-EM® Module for quality control and the MODA-ES® Module for batch records. To provide manufacturing facilities with highly advanced scheduling, logging, and tracking capabilities, it can also be integrated with external systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or building management software and shop-floor equipment.

MODA® Electronic Logs Module


Learn how the MODA® eLogs Module, not only saves time and resources but can also be a powerful starting point for your digital transformation initiatives.

New: MODA-ES® Module v4.0: Improved UX and enhanced materials management

We’ve updated the MODA-ES® Module, our next-generation electronic batch record platform, and added a host of features to further simplify, error-proof, and streamline batch manufacturing. 

Electronic logs: Replace paper with productivity


Learn how to select and implement an electronic log solution that will replace paper and maximize your productivity.

See the MODA® Platform in action

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See how Lonza’s MODA® Platform can help you by facilitating paperless execution across manufacturing and QC processes.