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Complete Testing Solutions: Trusted and Efficient

Optimized EcoSystem

Our microplate readers are enhanced to work seamlessly with our world-class WinKQCL® Endotoxin Detection and Analysis Software and our PYROGENT® 5000 Kinetic Turbidimetric, Kinetic-QCL® Kinetic Chromogenic, and PyroGene® rFC assays. Whether you use traditional kinetic chromogenic, kinetic turbidimetric, or Recombinant Factor C assays, we created an ecosystem that is optimized to work in symphony, allowing you to boost your laboratory efficiency and streamline your workflows.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the risk of downtime on your instrumentation can be minimized thanks to our complete service offering. On-site service and preventative maintenance contracts help ensure that your endotoxin testing equipment is working properly. Trained service professionals can provide installation, qualification and preventative maintenance to keep your instruments and software qualified and functional.

Analysis Software

WinKQCL® Software has been enabling laboratories to safely and efficiently perform bacterial endotoxin assays for over 25 years. The WinKQCL® Software can be installed as a simple standalone system, or it can interface with multiple robots and readers in multiple labs around the world, all storing data in a single database.

Our WinKQCL® Software can be used with compatible microplate readers to perform common endotoxin tests such as initial qualification, routine tests, inhibition/enhancement tests and an RSE/CSE test. The software uses the run data to calculate the results for the sample solutions and their associated positive product controls. All data will be displayed in an easy to read configurable report and can be electronically reviewed and signed.

Since WinKQCL® Software stores all template and test information in a single Microsoft® SQL Server® database, all sample data, including linked standard, accessory, reader, and user information, can be trended and recalled for review from any WinKQCL® Software client.

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Version 6 Features and Benefits:

  • Designed for enterprise environments with wide area network support, ability to work across time zones, application virtualization
  • Active Directory® integration, data segregation by lab and localization into English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • Robust data integrity solutions meeting 21 CFR Part 11 technical requirements
  • Fine grain user access controls, extensive metadata, bidirectional LIMS and MODA® Solution interfaces, and a SQL Server® backend
  • Advanced analytics and flexibility with interactive trending tools providing actionable results on-demand, helping you easily detect drift and enabling you to make proactive decisions, configurable reports to meet your labs’ needs and assay design features to fit your processes.
  • Barcode scanning integration to populate sample and reagent details into the software without the risk of transcription error
  • Kinetic SmartStop® monitoring feature to establish dynamic end conditions to minimize the time required for each assay
  • Integration with PyroTec® PRO System, a fully automated, walkaway endotoxin testing solution for kinetic chromogenic, kinetic turbidimetric, and endpoint fluorescence assays
  • Compatible with a wide range of microplate readers

Microplate Readers

Your goal is to obtain precise and consistent results that ensure compliance with industry regulations.  You can find a wide range of easy-to-use, robust, and efficient microplate readers that support all your efforts in pyrogen and endotoxin testing of raw materials, in-process samples and manufactured product.

Our readers are optimized to work with WinKQCL® 6 Endotoxin Detection and Analysis Software and Lonza’s industry-leading PYROGENT® 5000 Kinetic Turbidimetric, Kinetic-QCL® Kinetic Chromogenic, and PyroGene® rFC assays to provide you with a complete system that will boost your laboratory efficiency.

Nebula® Absorbance Reader

The instrument is fully integrated with the latest WinKQCL® Software to enable data integrity compliance, streamline training, and reduce validation burden.

PyroWave® XM Fluorescence Reader

The PyroWave® XM Fluorescence Reader is a part of the quantitative endotoxin detection system that supports the Pyrogene® rFC Endpoint Fluorescent Assay.

Nebula® Multimode Reader

Learn about conducting traditional kinetic LAL Assays and recombinant Factor C technology in one easy-to-use instrument.

Which Microplate Reader Is Best for Me?

Nebula® Absorbance Reader PyroWave® XM Fluorescence Reader Nebula® Multimode Reader
Kinetic Turbidimetric LAL Assay + - +
Kinetic Chromogenic LAL Assay + - +
Recombinant Factor C (rFC) Assay - + +
WinKQCL® integration + + +
Incubator option + + +
Shaker option (Shaking) + + +
Wavelength range (nm) 230 – 1,000 nm 200 – 850 nm** 230 – 1000nm (Absorbance), 230 – 850nm (Fluorescence)
Fluorescence sensitivity n/a Fluorescein @ 1pM/well in a 96 well plate Fluorescein, < 20 μM Top read, 100 μM Bottom read
Optical setup (Wavelength selection) Monochromator-based, precise selection of wavelength possible Filter-based with easy-to-swap filter cube with 2 filter configurations Monochromator-based, precise selection of wavelength possible
Filters supplied n/a - Excitation filter 380/20 nm;
- Excitation filter 485/20 nm;

**Additional filters must be purchased for additional wavelengths and read capabilities

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Automating your Endotoxin Testing Processes

Endotoxin automation can improve your lab efficiency and enhance compliance. Implementing automated solutions in your laboratory can reduce the potential for human error substantially, and enhance the accuracy, reliability and traceability of results.

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We realize the budget process requires ample justification for your investment in endotoxin automation; our sales team are available to help support and justify your time and monetary investment.

Let’s see how automation will improve your endotoxin testing program, together.

Please contact our Scientific Support Team to start exploring a business case for endotoxin automation in your organization.

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