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Mycoplasma Detection Assay exploits activity of mycoplasmal enzymes

The MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Assay is a selective biochemical test that exploits the activity of mycoplasmal enzymes which are found in the vast majority of about 200 mycoplasma species, but are not present in eukaryotic cells. No need to culture indicator cell lines, extract DNA or run PCR reactions – this bioluminescence assay uses excess cell culture supernatant so you can:

  • Focus on your research and do mycoplasma testing on the fly
  • Read out the results within 20 minutes
  • Set up easy routine mycoplasma testing in the lab

MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Kits Comparison

The MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Kit and the MycoAlert® PLUS Mycoplasma Detection Kit have the same assay principle and the workflow for both assays is the same. However, they do differ in the amount of light each assay emits and therefore have slightly different application ranges.

MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Kits MycoAlert® PLUS Mycoplasma Detection Kits
  • Lonza’s trusted and long-time favorite Mycoplasma Detection Kit
  • Used in more than 7,000 publications
  • Assay with higher light emission
  • Allows for use with less sensitive plate luminometers or multifunctional readers

LT07-118 – 10 tests
LT07-218 – 25 tests
LT07-418 – 50 tests
LT07-318 – 100 tests
LT07-518 – Control set for 10 tests

LT07-701 – 10 tests
LT07-703 – 30 tests
LT07-705 – 50 tests
LT07-710 – 100 tests
LT07-518 – Control set for 10 tests

Protocol download:
MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Kit
Protocol download:
MycoAlert® PLUS Mycoplasma Detection Kit

MycoAlert® Assay Control Set

Lucetta® 2 Luminometer

Lucetta® Connect Software

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Is your luminometer compatible?

The MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Kit requires a suitable tube or plate luminometer, or multi-functional plate reader capable of detecting luminescence. Download the list of recommended luminometers to determine if your luminometer is compatible with the MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Assay.


Alternatively, check out the Lucetta® 2 Luminometer: This versatile, single tube luminometer includes preprogrammed settings for the MycoAlert® Assay.


Download list
Lucetta® 2 Luminometer

50% Offer for your kit selction

If you are interested in testing the MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Assays, request a trial kit at a 50% discount. The trial kit includes the MycoAlert® Assay Control Set for positive control.

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