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4D-Nucleofector® Y Unit

Catalog #: AAF-1003Y

Enables the direct Nucleofection® of cells in adherence in 24-well culture plates


Product Overview

 Adherent Nucleofection® Using the Y Unit

Electroporation-based methods have so far required cells to be in suspension for transfection. The Nucleofector® Technology entered a new era and allows direct Nucleofection® Reactions of cells in adherence. Cells which typically grow in adherence in cell culture, can be kept and transfected by Nucleofector® Technology in their physiological state. The Y Unit of the 4D-Nucleofector® System works with disposable conductive polymer Dipping Electrode Arrays that can be inserted into standard 24-well culture plates for Nucleofection® Procedure.
The 4D-Nucleofector® Y Unit is one of the four functional modules of the 4D-Nucleofector® System.
There are cell type-specific Optimized Protocols or recommendations available in our knowledge database. In these Optimized Protocols the best Nucleofection® Conditions are indicated. In addition, we share our experience and knowledge for treatment of individual cell types.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: (w x h x d): 24.5×10.5×28 cm / 9.7×4.1×11.0
Weight: 5.0 kg (11.0 lb)
Power: 100 - 240 VAC
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Consumption: 0 VA (power off) / 20 VA (idle) / 140 VA (busy - during transfection)
Fuse: T 2.5A, L250V
Operating temperature: +15°C up to +40°C (59°F - 104°F)
Environment non condensing
Voltage limitation: 1500 V
Current limitation: 100 A


This functional module can be operated with all versions of the Core Unit (part code AAF-1001B, AAF-1002B, AAF-1003B)


Pre- and post Nucleofection® culture in 24-well culture plates

  • Nucleofection® of cells at any time point during this culture period, i.e. at a later developmental stage
  • Transfection efficiencies up to 70% combined with high viabilities
  • Compatible with Clonetics® Primary Animal Neurons

Content & Storage


1 Unit


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