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SeaPlaque® GTG® Agarose

Catalog #: 50110

SeaPlaque® GTG® Agarose, 125 g, ideal for direct enzymatic manipulation of nucleic acids in remelted agarose

 1’622.00 CHF

Product Overview

SeaPlaque® GTG® Agarose is a Genetic Technology Grade® Agarose used for separating DNA and PCR product fragments greater than 1,000 bp. This low melting temperature (65º C) agarose is ideally suited for direct enzymatic manipulation of nucleic acids in remelted agarose without additional DNA purification and is tested for the presence of proteases, ligases and nucleases. It is also compatible with PCR and sequencing reactions carried out in the presence of remelted agarose. 


Analytical Specifications

Gelling temperature (1.5%)  26°C - 30°C
Melting temperature (1.5%)  ≤65°C
Gel strength (1.0%)  ≥200 g/cm²

Information about bulk and custom packaging is available through Lonza’s Customer Service Team.


  • All Lonza Agarose is quality tested to certify performance
  • Low EEO
  • Low melting temperature
  • Tested for In-gel enzymatic reactions
  • DNase/RNase Free


  • Cloning of tissue culture cells,
  • Viral plaque assays,
  • Preparative DNA/RNA electrophoresis

Content & Storage


  • SeaPlaque® GTG® Agarose 125 g


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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