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TheraPEAK® T-VIVO® Cell Culture Medium

Catalog #: BP08-970Y

TheraPEAK® T-VIVO® Cell Culture Medium, chemically defined, non-animal origin (NAO), serum-free, with recombinant proteins, 1 L bag


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Product Overview

TheraPEAK® T-VIVO® Cell Culture Medium reduces variability concerns and enhances T-cell culture processes by enabling greater cell proliferation and viability, leading to increased process efficiency.

Its novel chemically defined formulation is serum-free and non-animal origin (NAO) to ensure consistency and provide increased process control.  

Unlike other serum-free T-cell culture media, TheraPEAK® T-VIVO®  Cell Culture Medium does not require the addition of human serum (HS) to achieve the desired performance.

With traceability documentation available including Certificates of Analysis and a Drug Master File, TheraPEAK® T-VIVO® Cell Culture Medium simplifies processes, supports regulatory compliance, and scale up from preclinical development through to manufacturing.

TheraPEAK® T-VIVO® Cell Culture Medium is available in the following sizes: 

Customization of packaging for specific applications is available upon request. Please contact us for additional information.

All TheraPEAK® Products are produced according to applicable GMP standards and follow the USP/EP guidance for cell and gene therapy raw materials. TheraPEAK® Media Products are produced at FDA registered manufacturing sites under the auspices of ISO 13485 certified Quality Management Systems.


  • NAO formulation; contains only recombinant proteins
  • Does not require serum or serum component addition
  • Increased cell proliferation
  • Easy-to-use formulation only requiring addition of cytokines
  • High transduction efficiencies and post-transduction viabilities
  • Produced according to current GMP guidelines

With demonstrated performance across a range of platforms including static T-flasks, spinner flasks, gas-permeable cell expansion devices, rocking platform bioreactors, stirred-tank bioreactors and the Cocoon® Platform, TheraPEAK® T-VIVO® Medium allows you to successfully generate patient treatments for numerous indications.


TheraPEAK® T-VIVO® Medium enhances the culture and expansion of:

  • T cells
  • CAR-T cells
  • Peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL)
  • Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL)

Content & Storage


1L bag


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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Going Serum-free – Why and How?


Join our expert CK Zhang, PhD, as he discusses the benefits of moving to a chemically defined environment and provides tips to achieve optimal results in the absence of serum.

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