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BEGMTM Bronchial Epithelial SingleQuotsTM Kit

Catalog #: CC-4175

Contains growth factors and supplements required for culturing Bronchial Epithelial cells (basal media not included)


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 236.00 CHF

Product Overview

BEGMTM SingleQuotTM Kits are components sold separately and does not include the basal medium. These are part of the BEGMTM Bronchial Epithelial Cell Growth Medium BulletKitTM (catalog # CC-3170) which consists of basal medium and supplements packaged together.

BEGMTM Bronchial Epithelial Cell Growth Medium is specially designed to support the growth of human primary bronchial epithelial cells. BEGMTM BulletKitTM is serum-free and has been optimized to grow cells from normal and diseased tissues.

BEGMTM is an optimized and readily available media kit providing researchers the confidence and the convenience of a system that works to support their cells. This is especially important for researchers who are utilizing cell lines as a stepping stone to primary cell culture. Working with the same BEGMTM Media between cell lines and primary NHBE can reduce variability within the experiments and simplify the shift for researchers. In addition, if primary cells are utilized as a side-by-side control with normal cell lines or home-grown bronchial epithelial cells, the BEGMTMBulletKitTM Media may also offer cost-benefit since customers can use the same media to support multiple cell types.

Here are publications out of many where our customers have used BEGMTM Growth Media with normal bronchial epithelial cells:

  • El Najjar, et al. (2015). PLoSONE 10(2) demonstrates culturing of BEAS-2B bronchial epithelial cell line in BEGMTM Media to examine the effects of cathepsin and furin proteolytic enzymes on viral fusion protein activation in cells
  • Hagiwara, et al. (2015). Nature demonstrates BEGMTM Media can ideally support co-culture of Lonza's HUVEC and NHBE in a 3D environment.
  • Rider, et al. (2015). PLoS ONE 10(1) used BEGMTM Media to culture primary human bronchial epithelial cells obtained from non-transplanted normal lungs

Purchase our Bronchial Epithelial Cell Culture Kit (catalog #. CC-2540B) and get a discounted price on cells and media. The kit consists of a cryopreserved ampule of bronchial epithelial cells (catalog  # CC-2540) and BEGMTM BulletKitTM Growth Media (catalog#. CC-3170).

Content & Storage


1 x Orange Cap Vial with BPE 2.00 mL
1 x Lilac Cap Vial with Insulin 0.50 mL
1 x Natural Cap Vial with Hydrocortisone 0.50 mL
1 x Red Cap Vial with GA-1000 0.50 mL
1 x Amber Vial with Retinoic Acid 0.50 mL
1 x Natural Cap Vial with Transferrin 0.50 mL
1 x Amber Vial with Triiodothyronine 0.50 mL
1 x Amber Vial with Epinephrine 0.50 mL,
1 x Green Cap Vial with hEGF 0.50 mL


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