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NuSieve® 3:1 Agarose

NuSieve® 3:1 Agarose

Catalog #: 50094

NuSieve® 3:1 Agarose, 500 g, standard melting temperature agarose that yields strong gels for fine resolution of small DNA, RNA, and PCR products ≤ 1 kb.


 2’574.00 CHF

Product Overview

NuSieve® 3:1 Agarose is a molecular biology grade, standard melting temperature agarose that yields strong gels for fine resolution of small DNA, RNA, and PCR products ≤ 1 kb. NuSieve® 3:1 Agarose is designed for analytical electrophoresis rather than in gel reactions or downstream applications. These easy-to-handle gels enhance the speed of gel processing and blotting. Performance testing of NuSieve® 3:1 Agarose ensures fine resolution of DNA fragments up to 1,000 bp, though this agarose is capable of finely resolving DNA fragments ranging from 10 bp up to 1,500 bp.


Analytical Specifications

Gelling temperature (4%)  32.5 - 38.0°C
Melting temperature (4%)  ≤90°C
Gel strength (4%)  ≥1,400 g/cm²

Information about bulk and custom packaging is available through Lonza’s Customer Service Team.

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  • All Lonza Agarose is quality tested to certify performance
  • High gel strength
  • Exceptional resolution of 50 bp to 1000 bp DNA fragments
  • Standard melting temperature


  • Fine/Small Fragment Electrophoreisis

Storage and Content

    • NuSieve® 3:1 Agarose 500 g
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SDS, CoA, and Instructions

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

Please enter Lot Number, including all zeros, located on the product label and please take into account that it is case sensitive.

  • NuSieve™ 3:1 Agarose - Protocol

    Instructions for proper use of NuSieve™ 3:1 Agarose
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Educational Material

Brochures, White Papers etc.

  • SourceBook Section II - Preparation of Agarose Gels

    1. Agarose Selection Guide 2. Agarose and Compatible Techniques 3. Agarose Types 4. Agarose Analytical Specifications 5. Suggested Agarose Concentrations & Dye Migration Information 6. Buffers for Electrophoresis 7. Dissolving Agarose 8. Casting Agarose Gels
  • Overview Lonza DNA Markers and Ladders

    Select the best DNA Marker for your application
  • SourceBook Section IV - Detection and Sizing of DNA in Agarose Gels

    1. Guide to Lonza Ladders and Markers 2. Detecting DNA with GelStar® and SYBR® Green Nucleic Acid Gel Stains 3. Detecting DNA with Ethidium Bromide 4. High Sensitivity Detection using the FlashGel® System 5. References
  • SourceBook Section III - Loading and Running DNA in Agarose Gels

    1. DNA Loading 2. Loading Buffers 3. Optimal Voltage and Electrophoretic Times 4. Fast Running Protocols for High Resolution in MetaPhor® Agarose Gels 5. References
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