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PNGM™ Primary Neuron Growth Medium BulletKit™

Catalog #: CC-4461

Culture system containing PNBMTM Basal Medium (CC-3256) and PNGMTM SinglequotsTM Growth Supplements (CC-4462) required for growth of primary rodent neurons

 264.00 CHF

Product Overview

CloneticsTM PNGMTM Primary Neuron Growth Medium Kit (PNGMTM) was specifically developed for culturing embryonic primary rat and mouse neurons. The media kit is recommended for use with all of our primary rat and mouse neurons. 



  • Serum-free medium
  • Allows for long-term maintenance and growth of neuronal cells
  • Promotes development of high quality neuronal networks without the need of an astrocyte feeder layer

Content & Storage


1 x PNBMTM Basal Medium (CC-3256), 200 mL

1 x PNGMTM SinglequotsTM Growth Supplement Pack (CC-4462) 


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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ViaLightPlus Assay in PNGM™ Media of Rat Cortical Neurons

Comparison of survival of Clonetics™ Primary Rat Cortical Neurons cultured in PNGM™ Medium vs. Company A’s medium. Cryopreserved cells were thawed and plated in laminin-coated, 96 well plates at ~1000 cells per square mm (40% of the recommended seeding density) using either PNGM™ Medium or Company A’s medium. Cells were cultured without feeding for six days, at which time cell viability was assessed using the ViaLight™ Plus Cell Proliferation and Cytotoxicity BioAssay Kit. Results represent the average of 8 experiments.