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SF Cell Line 384-well Nucleofector™ Kit

Catalog #: V5SC-2010
For high-throughput transfection of cell lines, e.g. K-562, Neuro-2A or RAW246.7, when working with the 384-well HT NucleofectorTM System.
 6’666.00 CHF

Product Overview

The SF Cell Line 384-well NucleofectorTM Kit is one of our three kits suited for high-throughput transfection of cell lines when working with the 384-well HT NucleofectorTM System.

This kit has been determined to be optimal for transfecting following cell types:

  • 293-F (FreeStyle), 32D
  • A-20, A2058, A375, A431, A549, AGS, ARPE-19
  • BetaTC/6, BxPC-3
  • C6, CCRF-CEM, CHO-K1, CHO-S (Invitrogen), Cos-1
  • EL4
  • FDC-P1
  • H9c2 (2-1), HEK293, Hel9217, HepG2, High 5, HL-60, HMC-1-8, HT-1080, HT-29, Hut-78, HUV-EC-C
  • IMR-32
  • J774A.1
  • K-562
  • KG-1
  • L-428, LNCaP
  • MDA-MB-453, MDBK, Molt-4, MV-4-11
  • Nalm-6, NB-4, NCI-H1299 [H1299], Neuro-2a [N2a], NG108-15, NS0
  • P19, P815, PC-12, PC-3
  • Raw 264.7, RBL-1, RBL-2H3, Reh, Rin m5F, RPMI 8226
  • S2, S49, SaOS, SF9, SH-SY5Y, SK-BR-3, SK-N-AS, SK-N-MC, SK-N-SH, SK-OV-3, Sp2/0-Ag14, SW480
  • T2, T84, TF-1
  • U266B1, U-937
  • Vero

The respective cell type-specific Optimized Protocols or recommendations are available under "Instructions" or in our knowledge database. In these Optimized Protocols the best Nucleofection conditions are indicated. In addition, we share our experience and knowledge for treatment of individual cell types.

The kit is available in different variants for either 2 x 384 or 10 x 384 reactions.


  • High transfection efficiencies in difficult-to-transfect cell lines
  • Cells maintain functionality post transfection
  • Seamless integration into automated liquid handling environments
  • Conditions are transferable between 4D-NucleofectorTM System, 96-well ShuttleTM System and 384-well NucleofectorTM System



  • Transfection of low cell numbers down to 2 x 104 cell lines
  • High-throughput applications, e.g. screens of arrayed cDNA, RNAi or CRISPR libraries


Content & Storage


90 mL SF Cell Line NucleofectorTM Solution

20 mL Supplement 1

50 µg pmaxGFPTM Vector (1 μg/μl in 10 mM Tris pH 8.0)

10 x 384-well NucleocuvetteTM Plate (20 μL)

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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