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KBM™ Gold Keratinocyte Growth Basal Medium, Calcium and Phenol Red Free

Catalog #: 00195130
KBMTM Gold Keratinocyte Basal Medium, Calcium-free

Product Overview

KBMTM Gold is a calcium-free keratinocyte basal medium sold separately. This can be used with 1 kit of 192152 (keratinocyte cell growth medium SingleQuotsTM Supplements and Growth Factors). The full KGMTM Gold Calcium Free BulletKitTM consisting of basal medium and supplements can be purchased together using the catalog number 195769.

KGMTM Gold BulleKitTM is a new robust and versatile serum-free medium formulation for high and low density NHEK-Normal Human Epidermal Keratinocyte cultures



Content & Storage


1 x Bottle Basal Medium 500 mL


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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Morphology of Lonza’s Adult Keratinocytes Grown in KGM™ Gold Growth Medium Compared to Competitor A’s Adult Keratinocytes in Their Medium.

The growth performance and longevity of Competitor A's adult keratinocytes grown in Competitor A's Medium were compared with Lonza’s adult keratinocytes grown in KGM-Gold™ Growth Medium. Although Competitor A claims ≥25 total population doublings for their adult keratinocytes, actual results show that this lot barely obtained 19 PD. Note the presence of several enlarged cells in Passage 2 in Competitor’s Medium. At the end of passage 4 (15 PD) Lonza’s adult keratinocytes consist of mostly small proliferative cells.

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