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B-ALI™ Bronchial Air-Liquid Interface Medium BulletKit™

Catalog #: 00193514

Culture system containing B-ALITM Basal Media (00193516), B-ALITM Differentiation Media (00193517) and B-ALITM SingleQuotsTM Supplements (00193515) required for air-liquid interface differentiation of bronchial epithelial cells.

 805.00 CHF

Product Overview

B-ALITM Bronchial Air Liquid Interface Medium BulletKitTM provides scientists with a unique tool to investigate new areas of airway epithelial research in a more physiologically relevant way.                                         

By using an air-liquid interface culture, the next generation tool of in vitro respiratory research, scientists can explore bronchial airway epithelial cell differentiation and apply therapies in novel ways. The B-ALITM BullekitTM is made up of a air liquid interface Growth and Differentiation Medium SingleQuotsTM Kit, Growth Basal Medium and Differentiation Basal Medium. 

Our B-ALITM BulletKitTM promotes full differentiation of the airway epithelium expressed by the formation of a polarized epithelium with good barrier function (transepithelial resistance), secretory phenotype (mucin secretion) and ciliogenesis.  When used with our guaranteed bronchial epithelial cells(CC-2540S)

Content & Storage


1 x B-ALITM Basal Media (00193516), 250 mL

1 x B-ALITM Differentiation Media (00193517), 500 mL

1 x B-ALITM SingleQuotsTM Supplement Pack (00193515) containing:

1 x Natural Cap Vial with Transferrin, 0.75 mL

1 x Amber Vial with B-ALI-Inducer, 1.00 mL

1 x Bottle BPE, 3.00 mL

1 x Amber Vial with Epinephrine, 0.75 mL

1 x Red Cap Vial with GA-1000, 0.75 mL

1 x Green Cap Vial with hEGF, 0.75 mL

1 x Natural Cap Vial with Hydrocortisone, 0.75 mL

1 x Lilac Cap Vial with Insulin, 0.75 mL

1 x Amber Vial with Retinoic Acid, 0.75 mL

1 x Amber Vial with Triiodothyronine, 0.75 mL



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