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ReagentPack™ Subculture Reagents, 100 mL

Catalog #: CC-5034

ReagentPackTM Subculture Reagents for primary cell subculturing


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 227.00 CHF

Product Overview

ReagentPackTM Subculture Kits have been designed specifically for the passaging of primary cell types. Each kit contains 100 mL each of: Trypsin/EDTA, Trypsin Neutralizing Solution, HEPES Buffered Saline.

The ReagentPackTM Subculture Reagents kit is recommended for use with Lonza's primary cells to ensure effective trypsinization and a successful cell passaging process.


Content & Storage


1 x Bottle Trypsin/EDTA 100 mL
1 x Bottle Trypsin Neutralizing Solution 100 mL
1 x Bottle HEPES Buffered Saline Solution 100 mL


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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