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TheraPEAKTM ACK Lysing Buffer (1x)

Catalog #: BP10-548E
TheraPEAK™ ACK Lysing Buffer (1x), 100mL
 36,10 CHF

Product Overview

Ammonium-Chloride-Potassium (ACK) Lysing Buffer is used to lyse red blood cells in preparations containing white blood cells.

Examples include:
  • bone marrow;
  • buffy coats;
  • whole blood treated with EDTA.

All TheraPEAKTM Products are produced according to applicable GMP standards and follow the USP/EP guidance for cell and gene therapy raw materials.   It is the end user's responsibility to ensure full compliance with local regulations in terms of safety assessments and effective removal prior to patient exposure.  

TheraPEAKTM Media Products are produced according to applicable GMP raw material standards and are intended to support GMP manufacturing. TheraPEAKTM Media Products are produced at FDA registered manufacturing sites with an ISO 13485 certified quality management system. 
If you require different pack sizes, contact Lonza for more details.


  • Quick and easy lysis of red blood cell
  • Isolation of white blood cells

Content & Storage




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