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FGM™ Fibroblast Growth Medium BulletKit™

Catalog #: CC-3130

Discontinuation notification: This product will be discontinued soon. Current stock will be sold until stock is depleted. Please use product CC-3132 as alternative. 

Fibroblast Growth Medium BulletKitTM for cell culture of human fibroblasts

 332.00 CHF

Product Overview

FGMTM Fibroblast Growth Medium was developed to support growth of fibroblasts.

Content & Storage


 1 x FBMTM Basal Medium (CC-3131), 500 mL

1 x FGM SingleQuotsTM Supplement Pack (CC-4134) containing:

1 x Lilac Cap Vial with Insulin, 0.50 mL
1 x Gray Cap Vial with hFGF-B, 0.50 mL
1 x Red Cap Vial with GA-1000, 0.50 mL


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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