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TheraPEAK® SfAAV® Medium

Catalog #: BP12-945Q

TheraPEAK® SfAAV® Medium for AAV production in SF9 cells, chemically defined, hydrolysate free, 1 L

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 207.00 CHF

Product Overview

Gene therapy could bring about significant breakthroughs in the treatment of disease. The key to the development of clinical tools is the safe and precisely targeted delivery of exogenous genetic material into the cells of patients. Viral and non-viral vectors are used for this process. There are many viral vectors that can be used.

Adeno associated virus (AAV) has gained popularity due to not integrating and not replicating in patients. AAV is a safe viral vector with large packaging capacity that has less risk to patients.

Spodoptera Frugiperda (Sf9) cells have classically been used to produce large size proteins and large quantities of viruses and proteins. Due to their ability to be grown at high densities, Sf9 cells have become a credible host for AAV production.

TheraPEAK® SfAAV® Medium is a chemically defined, non-animal origin medium designed specifically for AAV production in Sf9 cells. TheraPEAK® SfAAV® Medium allows infection one day earlier then leading media on the market, and consistent cell growth during various phases of insect cell culture,

TheraPEAK® SfAAV® Medium is a GMP medium for gene therapy applications, helping to accelerate cell growth, increase productivity, and reduce process variability, time and cost.


  • Chemically defined
  • Non-animal origin
  • Hydrolysate free
  • Developed specifically for AAV production
  • Drug Master File available

Content & Storage


1 L bottle


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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