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REGM™ Renal Epithelial Cell Growth Medium BulletKit™

Catalog #: CC-3190

Culture system containing REBMTM Basal Medium (CC-3191) and REGMTM SingleQuotsTM supplements (CC-4127) required for growth of Renal Epithelial Cells.

 415.00 CHF

Product Overview

REGMTM Renal Epithelial Cell Growth Medium is formulated to maintain and expand most renal epithelial cells. REGMTM contains 0.5% serum.    

Select References: 

  • Diabetic Nephropathy is a chronic, progressive renal disease/diabetic kidney disease that develops in approximately one third of people with diabetes.  In a study, Lonza’s human proximal tubular epithelial cells were cultured in respective media (REGMTM). The group investigated the role of KLK1 (kallikrein) in tubular pro-inflammatory responses in cultured human RPTEC and examined the role of PAR-4 (Protease-Activated Receptor 4) activation in KLK1-mediated signaling in the development of DN. Yiu WH, Wong DW, Chan LY, Leung JC, Chan KW, Lan HY, Lai KN, Tang SC. Tissue Kallikrein Mediates Pro-Inflammatory Pathways and Activation of Protease-Activated Receptor-4 in Proximal Tubular Epithelial Cells. PLoS ONE (2014); 9(2): e88894
  • Renal Graft Research: In vitro renal epithelial cell culture models have provided a great deal of information about the outcome of renal clinical transplantation models. In a study carried out using Lonza’s Primary Human Renal Proximal Tubular Epithelial cells maintained in REGMTMTM renal epithelial growth media (cat# CC-2553 & CC-3190 respectively), the group study the effects of HCMV (Human cytomegalovirus) infection on renal cells. Masako Shimamura, Joanne E. Murphy-Ullrich and William J. Britt. Human Cytomegalovirus Induces TGF-β1 Activation in Renal Tubular Epithelial Cells after Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition. PLoS Pathogens. (2010); 6(11): e1001170


Content & Storage


1 x REBMTM Basal Medium (CC-3191), 500 mL

1 x REGMTM SinglequotsTM Supplement Pack (CC-4127) containing:

1 x Green Cap Vial with hEGF, 0.50 mL
1 x Lilac Cap Vial with Insulin, 0.50 mL
1 x Natural Cap Vial with Hydrocortisone, 0.50 mL
1 x Red Cap Vial with GA-1000, 0.50 mL
1 x Bottle FBS, 2.50 mL
1 x Natural Cap Vial with Transferrin, 0.50 mL
1 x Amber Vial with Triiodothyronine, 0.50 mL
1 x Amber Vial with Epinephrine, 0.50 mL



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