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PYROGENT™ Gel Clot LAL Assay (without endotoxin)

Catalog #: N183-06
Gel Clot LAL Assay for endotoxin testing with sensitivity of 0.06 EU/ml, 80 tests. Kit does not include endotoxin.

Product Overview

Gel Clot LAL (PYROGENTTM) provides a simple positive/negative result and is most often mentioned in pharmacopeial monographs as the official referee test. Lonza’s PYROGENTTM Gel Clot LAL Assay is a qualitative LAL test for Gram-negative bacterial endotoxin. The gel clot assay is run in tubes that are placed in a water bath or dry heat block at 37°C. After a one-hour incubation period, the tubes are flipped 180°. A firm clot that stays in the bottom of the tube indicates a positive reaction. If liquid flows down the side of the tube, the result is negative for endotoxin. PYROGENTTM Gel Clot LAL Assay requires depyrogenated 10 x 75 mm glass reaction tubes to run the assay.

January 2022 Update:
As of 01 June 2022, we will no longer be taking orders for N183-06.  Customers wanting to continue to test with the gel clot method using these specific reagents should purchase N283-06.  This is our PYROGENTTM Plus Gel Clot LAL Assay kit, 64 tests. Each kit contains 4 x 16 tests/vial of lysate and 1 vial of endotoxin. 



Sensitivity of 0.06 EU/ml Easy-to-read qualitative results


Simple LAL test not requiring sophisticated instrumentation and software

Content & Storage


5 x 16 tests/vial lysate


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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