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FlashGel™ DNA Cassettes

FlashGel™ DNA Cassettes

Catalog #: 57031

FlashGelTM DNA Cassettes, 2.2% 12+1 well single-tier, 9 pack

Ideal for testing 12 samples with small DNA fragments (e.g. PCR products)

Separation:  10 bp - 1 kb


 217.00 CHF

Product Overview

FlashGelTM DNA Cassettes are essential components of the FlashGelTM System for fast electrophoresis of DNA. FlashGelTM DNA Cassettes are the ideal sample screening tool for checking PCR or restriction fragments quickly without having to plan your day around agarose gels or to verify your DNA sample integrity prior to downstream analysis. The FlashGelTM System is the fastest way to separate DNA and the best way to watch DNA migration as it happens. This revolutionary new tool separates DNA in 2 - 7 minutes. Monitor gel runs right at the bench, without UV light. The highly sensitive system allows a 5-20X reduction in DNA levels - saving both time and money. FlashGelTM Cassettes contain precast, prestained agarose gels and buffer - no need for gel preparation, buffer addition or gel staining.


FlashGelTM Cassette Specifications

Optimal separation range: 10 bp – 1 kb (Separation of fragments >4 kb will be improved by running longer at lower voltage)

Well volume 5 μL
Gel size 70 mm (L) × 84 mm (W) × 2 mm (H)
Cassette size 115 mm (L) × 107 mm (W) × 17 mm (H)


Available formats of FlashGelTM Cassettes

Application Agarose No. of wells Tiers Catalog #
DNA separation 1.2% 12 + 1 single-tier 57023
DNA separation 1.2% 16 + 1 double-tier 57029
DNA separation 2.2% 12 + 1 single-tier 57031
DNA separation 2.2% 16 + 1 double-tier 57032
DNA recovery 1.2% 8 + 1 double-tier 57051
DNA recovery 2.2% 8 + 1 double-tier 57022

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  • 5 minute separation and recovery
  • See bands in as little as 2 minutes
  • Optimal for smaller (< 1 kb) DNA fragments
  • Quick checks for enzymatic reactions (e.g. PCR amplification, T7 endouclease cleavage)
  • Real-time separation and documentation
  • Watch band migration as it happens
  • Photograph gels at the bench without DNA damaging UV light
  • Outstanding sensitivity and resolution


  • DNA Electrophoresis


Storage and Content

    • FlashGelTM DNA Cassettes 2.2% 12+1 single-tier, 9 pack
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SDS, CoA, and Instructions

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

Please enter Lot Number, including all zeros, located on the product label and please take into account that it is case sensitive.

  • FlashGel™ System - Protocol

    Instructions for proper use of the FlashGel™ System
  • FlashGel System - Quick Start Guide

    Quick Start Guide for FlashGel System
  • FlashGel™ Dye & Marker - Protocol

    Instructions for proper use of FlashGel Dyes & Markers
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Educational Material

Brochures, White Papers etc.

  • FlashGel® System - Citations

    Lonza Product Citation List FlashGel System
  • Poster: Use of FlashGel® Cassettes for separations in gene editing workflows

    Presented at ABRF 2020, we demonstrate here the use of FlashGel“ DNA Cassettes as tools to monitor the results of several electrophoretic separation steps that maybe involved in the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing workflow: mismatch cleavage assays, single guide RNA (sgRNA) screening, and single stranded DNA (ssDNA) production.
  • The FlashGel® System - For Rapid Analysis of Fast Restriction Enzyme Digests

    FlashGel® DNA Cassettes for gel electrophoretic analysis in combination with fast restriction digests reduce the workflow from restriction digestion to gel analysis to 15 minutes.
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