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FlashGelTM Recovery Cassettes

Catalog #: 57022

FlashGelTM Recovery Cassettes, 2.2% 8+1 well double-tier, 9 pack

Fast and convenient DNA recovery at the bench
Separation:  10 bp - 1 kb

Product Overview

FlashGelTM Recovery Cassettes get you straight to your recovered samples. Simply load samples, watch bands migrate and get recovered samples in as little as 5 minutes. Say goodbye to gel preparation, band excision, purification, and UV light. Complete separation, recovery and documentation safely, at the bench, in minutes. Direct DNA recovery using The FlashGelTM Recovery System eliminates agarose gel preparation, band excision and purification. The system delivers highly efficient recovery, free from inhibitors and UV-induced damage, in a simple 5-10 minute protocol. As DNA migrates to the second tier of wells, it is free from the agarose matrix and easily extracted via pipette, with the aid of the FlashGelTM Recovery Buffer. Samples are recovered at 80% - 100% efficiency, free from inhibitors and ready for subsequent re-amplification, cloning or other techniques, without additional purification steps.

FlashGelTM Cassette Specifications

Optimal separation range: 10 bp – 1 kb (Separation of fragments >4 kb will be improved by running longer at lower voltage)

Well volume 8 μL
Gel size 70 mm (L) × 84 mm (W) × 2 mm (H)
Cassette size 115 mm (L) × 107 mm (W) × 17 mm (H)


Available formats of FlashGelTM Cassettes

Application Agarose No. of wells Tiers Catalog #
DNA separation 1.2% 12 + 1 single-tier 57023
DNA separation 1.2% 16 + 1 double-tier 57029
DNA separation 2.2% 12 + 1 single-tier 57031
DNA separation 2.2% 16 + 1 double-tier 57032
DNA recovery 1.2% 8 + 1 double-tier 57051
DNA recovery 2.2% 8 + 1 double-tier 57022


  • 5 minute separation and recovery
  • See bands in as little as 2 minutes
  • Recover samples directly without UV light band excision or purification
  • Ideal for recovery of small (< 1 kb) DNA fragments
  • Real-time separation and documentation
  • Watch band migration as it happens
  • Photograph gels at the bench without DNA damaging UV light
  • Outstanding sensitivity and resolution


  • DNA Electrophoresis
  • DNA Recovery

Content & Storage


  • FlashGelTM Recovery 2.2% 8+1 well double, 9 pack


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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