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NoSpin HepaRG (8.0M cells/vial)

Catalog #: NSHPRG
NoSpin HepaRG (8.0M cells/vial)

Product Overview

NoSpin HepaRGTM is a fully-functional, adult-phenotype, human hepatic cell line. The NoSpin HepaRGTM exhibits many characteristics similar to primary human hepatocytes and can be used for many of the same applications. The NoSpin HepaRGTM is provided in a convenient, terminally differentiated, cryopreserved format that does not require the user to centrifuge, resuspend, or count the cells after thawing. Each lot has consistent yield, viability, and functionality across multiple applications. All other forms of cryopreserved hepatocytes require thawing, centrifugation, resuspension, and cell counting steps. Cryopreserved NoSpin HepaRGTM cells simply require thawing prior to use. This eliminates multiple steps that introduce qualitative and quantitative variability and benefits high-volume labs by reducing the time and effort needed to perform an assay. Using HepaRGTM has never been easier!


  • Hepatoctye-like morphology and function
  • No spin step required


  • Drug metabolism
  • infectious disease
  • ADMETox

Content & Storage


1 Vial > 8 million cells

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

HepaRG CYP Induction chart

Chart displaying cyp induction of HepaRG cells

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