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ADSC – Apidose-Derived Stem Cells Growth Medium SingleQuotsTM Supplements and Growth Factors

Catalog #: PT-4503
ADSC Growth Medium SingleQuotsTM Kit

Product Overview

Stem cells possess the unique ability to proliferate as an undifferentiated cell type, then, when properly stimulated, differentiate into multiple lineages of cells. Lonza’s ADSC human Adipose Derived Stem Cell Growth BulletKitTM Medium is a serum containing medium designed to proliferate human adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells (both normal and diseased) in an undifferentiated state. The serum used in Lonza’s ADSC human Adipose Derived Stem Cell Growth BulletKitTM Medium is specifically screened to ensure that the serum neither promotes spontaneous differentiation of cells nor inhibits cell differentiation to osteogenic, chondrogenic, or adipogenic lineages (when properly stimulated with an appropriate differentiation media). The ADSC human Adipose Derived Stem Cell Growth BulletKitTM Medium is offered as a BulletKitTM Medium (catalog no. PT-4505) which includes both the basal media and the necessary supplements for proliferation of human adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells. The basal medium (ADSC Basal Medium; catalog no. PT-3273) and the necessary supplements (ADSC-GM SQ Kit; catalog no. PT-44503) can also be purchased individually. Lonza guarantees the performance of CloneticsTM/PoieticsTM cells only if appropriate CloneticsTM/PoieticsTM media and reagents are used exclusively and the recommended storage and use protocols are followed. Any modifications made to the recommended cell systems including the use of alternative media, reagents or protocols, will void cell and media performance guarantees. If you need assistance in selecting the appropriate media, reagents, or protocol, please contact Lonza Scientific Support.

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