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MBMTM-4 Melanocyte Growth Basal Medium-4

Catalog #: CC-3250
MBMTM-4 Melanocyte Basal Medium
 206.00 CHF

Product Overview

MBMTM -4 is a melanocyte growth basal medium sold separately. This can be used with 1 kit of CC-4435 (melanocyte growth medium SingleQuotsTM Supplements and Growth Factors). The full MGMTM -4 BulletKitTM consisting of basal medium and supplements can be purchased together using the catalog number CC-3249.

The MGMTM-4 Melanocyte Growth Medium-4  BulletKitTM is recommended media for melanocyte optimal growth and survival in culture. This medium is offered in our traditional BulletKitTM format, providing flexibility to add or omit components as research needs dictate.

ET-3 Growth Supplement, an additional growth factor required for adult melanocyte growth, is sold separately to supplement the MGMTM-4 BulletKitTM for a complete formulation specifically designed for growing adult melanocytes. ET-3 offers enhanced growth and plating advantages in addition to limiting other cell type contamination in culture.  

Content & Storage


1 x Bottle Basal Medium 500 mL


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