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Annual WinKQCL™ Support for Cat. No. 25-611

Catalog #: 25-611SUP

Annual WinKQCLTM Software Advanced Support for Cat. No. 25-611


Product Overview

Advanced WinKQCLTM Software Support covers needs outside of the topics of the WinKQCLTM Software manual and capabilities of the standard WinKQCLTM Software application, providing access to the Advanced Software Support Team. Examples of Advanced WinKQCLTM Software Support include, but are not limited to, the following: report customization, database setup, network and firewall troubleshooting, scripted installation support, custom features, application virtualization setup and troubleshooting, Active Directory® integration, security troubleshooting, database maintenance setup and troubleshooting, and import or export setup with external systems such as environmental monitoring systems or laboratory information management systems. 25-611SUP Advanced WinKQCLTM Software Support is an annual contract for one instance of WinKQCLTM Software which includes software support cover for a system with one reader and one workgroup configured. Additional annual WinKQCLTM Software support contracts must be purchased for more complex software systems, as indicated by purchase of more WinKQCLTM Software reader licenses (p/n 25-613SUP for each additional reader license) or WinKQCLTM Software workgroup licenses (p/n 25-612SUP for each additional workgroup license).

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