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Te-CareTM Initial Complete 2 Year Service Agreement for 2 Instruments

Catalog #: 25-T12

PyroTecTM PRO Tecan Te-CareTM Initial 2 Year Service Agreement for systems with 2 Tecan SunriseTM Readers


Product Overview

PyroTecTM PRO System Tecan Initial Te-CareTM 2 Year Service Agreement covering system hardware (robotic deck and devices) for systems with 2 Tecan SunriseTM Readers, includes 1 year warranty. This contract should be purchased for years 1 and 2 post-installation (from year 3 post-installation, customers should order part number 25-T22 service contract). TE-CARETM COMPLETE Features • General response time - 2 working days • Remote hotline support by technical support specialists - Unlimited connections during contract period • One Preventative Maintenance (PM) visit per year including: - Cleaning and greasing - Wear and tear parts - Adjustments - Instrument specific tests - Travel costs and labor - Service documentation • On-site repairs including: - Spare parts - Travel costs and labor - Service documentation • Hardware, firmware, or software updates at time of PM(s) in agreement with Lonza For advanced WinKQCLTM Software support contracts please contact your local sales representative.

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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