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Endotoxin Challenge Vials™

Catalog #: 00192568
Endotoxin Challenge VialsTM, >1,000 EU/vial, 25 vials

Product Overview

UPDATE (May 2020):

We are discontinuing the performance of a sterility test for our Endotoxin Challenge VialsTMAs part of the production process, the stoppers are autoclaved prior to use.  Additionally, all glassware is depyrogenated at extremely high temperatures well in excess of standard depyrogenation process conditions. These conditions provide for ample assurance that the vials and stoppers are suitable for production of Endotoxin Challenge VialsTM. Post filling, the product is lyophilized. Since there is no remaining water, conditions would not support  growth of any organism to degrade the product. Therefore, there is no added value or additional quality assurance in performing a sterility test after production.


For use in oven validation studies, contains > 1,000 EU/vial. The vials may be tested using any of our endotoxin detection kits


Does not contain filler


For oven validation studies

Content & Storage


> 1000 EU/Vial


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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