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PYROGENT™-5000 Bulk Kinetic Turbidimetric LAL Assay, 10000 Test Kit

Catalog #: T50-600U
Bulk turbidimetric kinetic LAL Assay for endotoxin testing for 10,000 tests. Kit does not contain endotoxin or reconstitution buffer. Assay sensitivity: 0.01 to 100 EU/ml.

Product Overview

The PYROGENTTM–5000 Kinetic Turbidimetric LAL Assay is a quantitative, kinetic assay for the detection of Gram-negative bacterial endotoxin. A sample is mixed with the reconstituted LAL reagent, placed in the incubating absorbance plate reader, and automatically monitored over time (via WinKQCLTM Software) for the appearance of turbidity. In the presence of endotoxin, the lysate will begin to gel, causing the solution to become cloudy or turbid. The time required for the change is inversely proportional to the amount of endotoxin present. The concentration in unknown samples can be calculated from a standard curve. The PYROGENTTM–5000 Kinetic Turbidimetric Assay is perfect for laboratories needing to process large numbers of samples. This assay is performed in a 96-well plate allowing many samples to be processed at one time. It is ideal for water samples, large volume parenterals and water rinse from medical devices. The PYROGENTTM–5000 Kinetic Turbidimetric Assay is measured at the 340 nm wavelength and has a sensitivity range from 0.01 to 100.0 EU/ml. For PYROGENTTM-5000 Bulk Kinetic Turbidimetric Kits, kinetic turbidimetric LAL, reconstitution buffer and matched control standard endotoxin are packaged separately but should be ordered together. PYROGENTTM-5000 Bulk Kinetic Turbidimetric LAL Assay is made to order and requires a lead time. Please contact your local sales representative for further information.


  • Sensitivity range from 0.01 to 100 EU/ml


  • Cost-effective method for water and large volume parenterals testing

Content & Storage


  • 100 x 100 tests/vial lysate


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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