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ProSieve™ EX Running Buffer

Catalog #: 00200307
ProSieveTM EX Running Buffer, 1 L, supplied as a 10X concentrate
 285.00 CHF

Product Overview

ProSieveTM EX Running and Transfer Buffer System are modified buffer formulations that perform just like tris-glycine, but significantly accelerate run time and transfer time, without compromising results. Complete separation and transfer in just 30 minutes. ProSieveTM EX Running Buffer, a novel formulation of the classic Laemmli buffer, is a proprietary solution to drastically increase the separation speed without excessive heat generation affecting the gel.


  • Simple selection - Separation of proteins 5 kDa - 350 kDa in only 2 range formats
  • 20 – 25 minute separation, ProSieveTM EX Running Buffer
  • 10 minute transfer/Western blot using ProSieveTM EX Western Blot Transfer Buffer
  • 10 minute staining using ProSieveTM EX Safe Stain
  • 1 year shelf life


  • Protein Electophoresis

Content & Storage


  • ProSieveTM EX Running Buffer, 10X, 1 L


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