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GelBond® PAG Support Film Sheets

Catalog #: 54733

GelBond® PAG Film, 50 sheets, 203 mm × 260 mm


Product Overview

GelBond® PAG Film is a transparent, flexible polyester film designed to support polyacrylamide or MDETM Gels. The acrylamide monomers covalently attach to the coating on the film during the polymerization reaction. Gels remain permanently attached to the film through electrophoresis and all subsequent fixing, staining, destaining, and drying procedures.


  • Reliable - Polyacrylamide gels retain their original dimensions after drying
  • Durable - Gels, particularly thin ones, are easier to handle during staining, destaining, and drying when supported
  • Convenient - Gel orientation can be recorded directly on the GelBond® Film prior to casting


  • Protein Electrophoresis

Content & Storage


  • GelBond® PAG Film 203 mm x 260 mm x 50 sheets



Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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