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GelBond® Film Sheets

GelBond® Film Sheets

Catalog #: 53734

GelBond® Film, 100 sheets, 85 mm × 100 mm


 595.00 CHF

Product Overview

GelBond® Film is a transparent, flexible polyester film designed to support agarose gels. Gels cast on GelBond® Film remain permanently attached to the film through electrophoresis or immunodiffusion and all subsequent fixing, staining, destaining, and drying procedures. GelBond® Film is available either as precut sheets or rolls. Note: Polyester films will not transmit light of less than 310 nm, and will fluoresence at higher wavelengths.


GelBond® Film variants 

Format Size Catalog #
Sheet 85 mm x 100 mm 53734
Sheet 100 mm x 150 mm 53746
Sheet 110 mm x 125 mm 53745
Sheet 110 mm x 205 mm 53748
Sheet 124 mm x 258 mm 53761
Sheet 125 mm x 245 mm 53759
Sheet 160 mm x 180 mm 53749
Roll 102 mm x 16.5 M 53740
Roll 127 mm x 16.5 M 53750
Roll 203 mm x 16.5 M 53780


GelBond® PAG Film is available for use with polyacrylamide gels.

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  • Reliable - Agarose gels cast on GelBond® Film retain their original dimensions during staining and after drying
  • Durable - Gels, particularly thin ones, are easier to handle during staining, destaining, and drying when supported
  • Convenient - Gel orientation can be recorded directly on the GelBond® Film prior to casting.


  • DNA/RNA Electrophoresis

Storage and Content

    • GelBond® Film 100 sheets 85 mm × 100 mm
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SDS, CoA, and Instructions

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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  • GelBond® Film - Protocol

    Instructions for proper use of GelBond® Film
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