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ProVero™ 1 Serum-free Medium

Catalog #: BEBP02-030Q
ProVero™ 1 serum-free medium, with L-Glutamine, 1 L
 118.00 CHF

Product Overview

ProVero™ 1 Serum-free Medium is a non-animal origin, protein-free medium designed to support the growth of MDCK and vero cells.

ProVero™ 1 Medium includes HEPES and sodium bicarbonate buffer. The absence of proteins and only very low levels of human recombinant insulin facilitate both downstream processing and regulatory compliance.

Some vero cell strains require additional supplementation with 5.0 μg/L rhEGF for optimal vero cell growth.

This BioWhittaker™ Cell Culture Media is produced according to cGMP and labelled "For Further Manufacturing" (FFM). If you require different pack sizes, contact Lonza for more details.


Supports Vero and MDCK in viral vaccine applications


Serum-free Cell Culture

Content & Storage


1L bottle


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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