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ProSieveTM EX Safe Stain

Catalog #: 00201455

ProSieveTM EX Safe Stain, 1 L


Product Overview

ProSieveTM EX Safe Stain is the ulimate fast and safe, one step process that will accelerate your staining beyond the traditional methods. Stain in less 10 minutes in a 1 step process. Simply replace your usual stain with ProSieveTM EX Safe Stain for non-toxic, fast staining. This stain provides better resolution over a wider protein range with fast, efficient staining.


  • Simple selection - Separation of proteins 5 kDa - 350 kDa in only 2 range formats
  • 20 – 25 minute separation, ProSieveTM EX Running Buffer
  • 10 minute transfer/Western blot using ProSieveTM EX Western Blot Transfer Buffer
  • 10 minute staining using ProSieveTM EX Safe Stain
  • 1 year shelf life


  • Protein Electophoresis

Content & Storage


  • ProSieveTM EX Safe Stain, 1 L

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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