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ProSieve™ ProTrack™ Dual Color Protein Loading Buffer (4X)

Catalog #: 00193861
ProSieveTM ProTrackTM Dual Color Protein Loading Buffer (4X), 5 mL
 97.00 CHF

Product Overview

The ProSieveTM ProTrackTM Dual Color Protein Loading Buffer protects proteins from heat degradation during the sample preparation step, as well against pH changes during the SDS-PAGE run. Some proteins are sensitive to pH changes that result from temperature fluctuations during electrophoresis in Tris buffers. The optimized composition of the loading buffer prevents protein degradation during sample heating prior to SDS-PAGE as well as during the electrophoresis run. The loading buffer contains two tracking dyes: blue (bromophenol blue) for tracking the progress of electrophoresis and pink (pyronin Y) for monitoring of protein transfer to the membrane during Western blotting procedures. ProSieveTM ProTrackTM Loading Buffer also contains SDS and DTT for complete disruption of all high-order protein structures.


  • Simple selection - Separation of proteins 5 kDa - 350 kDa in only 2 range formats
  • 20 – 25 minute separation, ProSieveTM EX Running Buffer
  • 10 minute transfer/Western blot using ProSieveTM EX Western Blot Transfer Buffer
  • 10 minute staining using ProSieveTM EX Safe Stain
  • 1 year shelf life


  • Protein Electophoresis

Content & Storage


  • 1 vial of 5 mL (4x Dual Color Protein Loading Buffer), 1 vial of 1.0 mL (20X Reducing Agent (2M DTT) Sufficient for 1000 samples of 20ul (or equivalent)


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