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eCHOTM Feed Medium for CHO cells, Serum-free Medium – Chemically Defined - 1L Bottle

Catalog #: BEBP12-932Q

eCHOTM Feed Medium for CHO cells, Chemically Defined, Non-Animal origin, 1L Bottle


DISCONTINUED, please use powder BE15-932D or other packszies.


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  • Basal medium with paired feed – good cell proliferation and protein yield
  • High cell viability at the end of the batch culture – easy downstream processing
  • Low Lactate levels during cell culturing – good protein integrity
  • Available as liquid and powder - flexibility
  • Cost effective ingredients – cost reduction
  • eCHOTM feed medium for CHO cells


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eCHOTM Medium to Maximize Your Protein Production


Comparison data using eCHOTM Basal Medium combined with eCHOTM Feed in a fed-batch culture. Showing high cell viability and low lactate levels.

Maximize your protein production with eCHO™ Basal Medium and eCHO™ Feed


An introduction to Lonza’s recently launched medium and feed for the production of recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies and biosimilars in CHO cells.

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