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UltraCULTURETM Serum-free Cell Culture Medium, 500 mL

Catalog #: BEBP12-725F

UltraCULTURETM Serum-free Cell Culture Medium, without L-Glutamine, 500 mL

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109.00 CHF

Product Overview

UltraCULTURETM Serum-free Cell Culture Medium is a complete, all purpose medium designed for the cultivation of a wide variety of adherent and non-adherent mammalian cell types. UltraCULTURETM Serum-free Cell Culture Medium can be used to support fusion of cells during hybridoma formation, growth of monocyte, macrophage, epithelial, and fibroblastic cell lines.

The medium is supplemented with recombinant human insulin, bovine transferrin, and a purified mixture of bovine serum proteins. The total protein concentration of UltraCULTURETM Serum-free Cell Culture Medium is approximately 3 mg/ml.

UltraCULTURETM Serum-free Cell Culture Medium can be supplemented with Cryoprotective Medium (Cat. No. BEBP12-769E) to cryopreserve cells in a serum-free environment.

UltraCULTURETM Medium does not contain L-glutamine; please add 5 ml of 200 mM L-glutamine solution (Cat. Nos. (BE)17-605E) prior to use.

The formulation for UltraCULTURETM Serum-free Cell Culture Medium has been submitted to the FDA as a Master File. Permission to cross reference the Master File may be obtained by contacting the Regulatory Affairs Department. 

Turbidity may develop in UltraCULTURETM Serum-free Cell Culture Medium, quality tests have determined that turbidity will not alter the performance of the product.

All BioWhittakerTM Cell Culture Media products are for Research Use Only (RUO) and are not approved for human or veterinary use or for use in clinical or in vitro diagnostic procedures. If you require GMP grade media, contact Lonza for more details.


UltraCULTURETM Serum-free Cell Culture Medium 

  • General purpose medium to replace Serum containing medium


  • Cultivation of adherent and non-adherent mammalian cells
  • Generation of viral particles for vaccine production
  • Clinical immunotherapy applications
  • Content & Storage


    500ml bottle


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