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ToxiLight™ 100% Lysis Control Set, 200 Test

Catalog #: LT07-517

ToxiLightTM Lysis Control Set, 200 Test, 10 mL

 171.00 CHF

Product Overview

The ToxiLightTM 100% Lysis Reagent set is intended for use with the ToxiLightTM Non-destructive Cytotoxicity Assay (sold seperately) and is designed to give the user a 100% lysis or total adenylate kinase control. It contains the 100% Lysis Reagent, 10 ml and Tris-Acetate Buffer, 50 ml (required volume correction for sample wells), and is suitable for 200 tests in a 96 well format.

Simply add the 100% Lysis Reagent to the control wells at a ratio of 1:2 (lysis reagent : sample volume), volume correct the remaining sample wells with Tris-Acetate Buffer and then incubate at room temperature for 10 minutes.

The ToxiLightTM 100% Lysis Reagent should be included as a control at each time point within your cytotoxicity assay. After addition proceed with the standard ToxiLightTM Assay protocol.




  • Highly sensitive - The ToxiLightTM BioAssay Kit exploits the cyclic nature of the AK reaction whereby a small amount of the AK enzyme can generate high concentrations of ATP. This enables the detection of very subtle changes in cytotoxicity and reduces false negatives.
  • Non-destructive - ToxiLightTM assay detects cellular AK present in cell culture supernatants, eliminating the need to lyse cells to perform the assay, and allowing multiple tests to be performed on the same sample.
  • Simple - Assay requires the simple addition of a single reagent, which can be added directly to wells in which cells are growing, or to a small sample of aspirated culture supernatant.
  • Fast - Readable signal is detectable 5 minutes after the addition of the ToxiLightTM BioAssay reagent.
  • Flexible - Cell supernatants can be frozen with no loss of AK activity, allowing for long-term kinetic studies.
  • Safe - No hazardous chemicals are required.


Content & Storage


ToxiLightTM 100% lysis reagent set (Sufficient for 200 tests)


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