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  • FGM™-3 Cardiac Fibroblast Growth Medium-3 BulletKit™
    FGM™-3 Cardiac Fibroblast Growth Medium-3 BulletKit™

    Culture system containing FBMTM Basal Medium (CC-3131) and FGMTM-3 SingleQuot Supplements (CC-4525) required for growth of Fibroblasts

    Catalog #: CC-4526
    Sales unit: each
  • FGM™-2 Fibroblast Growth Medium-2 BulletKit™
    FGM™-2 Fibroblast Growth Medium-2 BulletKit™

    Culture system contains FBMTM Basal Medium (CC-3131) and FGMTM-2 SingleQuotsTM supplements (CC-4126) required for growth of fibroblasts.

    Catalog #: CC-3132
    Sales unit: kit
  • Lung Fibroblast Cell Culture Kit
    Lung Fibroblast Cell Culture Kit
    Lung Fibroblast Cell Culture Kit
    Catalog #: CC-2512B
    Sales unit: kit

You searched for "fgm"

978 Documents found
  • Primary Normal Human Cells and Media
    In Vivo Relevance. In Vitro Results. Updated and revised cell content. New in print
  • Viable Cells - Proliferating Clonetics™ Cells Chart
  • Bioscience Solutions Catalog 2018
  • Primary Cell Media – Stock Up Today
    BulletKit™ Media fully stocked and ready to ship
  • Primary Cells and Media Reference Guide
    A comprehensive collection of Lonza primary cell and media products supporting many research areas.
  • Cell List – Integrated Solutions for Primary Cells and Transfection
  • Brochure - Cell List
    Integrated solutions for primary cells and transfection
  • Respiratory and Cardiovascular Research – Tools for Biologically Relevant Results
    Learn how Lonza supports your respiratory and cardiovascular research
  • Instructions - FGM-CD™ Chem. Defined Fibro. Growth Med.
    Instructions for using TheraPEAK™ Chemically Defined Fibroblast Cell Growth Medium
  • Cancer Research Tools for Biological Relevance
    Learn how Lonza products can aide in your cancer research
  • TechSheet - Dermal Fibroblast Cell Systems, NHDF
    Technical information sheet for Clonetics™ Dermal Fibroblast cells systems.
  • TechSheet - Cardiac Fibroblast Cell Systems
    Technical Use and Product Information for CC-2903
  • Instructions - Human Fibroblast Cell Systems
    Technical Instructions for culturing Clonetics™ Human Fibroblasts Cells
  • Tech/Instruction Sheet - Immo. Dermal Fibroblasts
    Technical information and instructions for CloneticsTM Immortalized Human Dermal Fibroblast cells
  • TechSheet - Lung Fibroblast Cell Systems
    Technical information sheet for Clonetics™ Lung Fibroblast cells
  • Skin toxicity testing utilizing the RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture System
    We demonstrate the use of RAFT™ Skin Models in assessing skin toxicity. The model was evaluated using histology for morphology and MTT assay for viability.
  • Supplemental Inst. – Cryopreservation (NOT Guaranteed)
    Supplemental instructions for suggested cryopreservation protocol for CloneticsTM and PoieticsTM primary cells
  • A Serum-free Chemically Defined Medium for the Expansion of NHDF-Adult
    Traditionally, in vitro cell culture medium contains animal-derived products like serum, tissue extracts or hydrosylates. They are also a source of undesirable factors, such as endotoxin, and pose potential BSE risks. The undefined and variable nature of these components is a challenge in basic research and applied biomedical sciences. Lonza has developed a serum-free chemically defined, fibroblast growth medium, to propagate primary adult normal human dermal fibroblasts (NHDF).
  • Primary Cells for Airway Research – Infographic
    Infographic showing how Lonza primary cells can aide in your airway research
  • Primary Human Airway Cells and Media
    Airway Cell and Media Reference Guide
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