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TheraPEAK™ MSCGM™ Supplement, 5ml

Catalog #: BEBP13-935Z5
TheraPEAKTM MSCGMTM Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth Medium Supplement is a GMP-produced, serum-free cell culture medium supplement, 2 x 5mL

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 223,00 CHF

Product Overview

Stem cells possess the unique ability to proliferate as an undifferentiated cell type, then, when properly stimulated, differentiate into multiple lineages of cells. Lonza’s TheraPEAKTM MSCGMTM Mesenchymal Stem Cell Medium is a serum-free medium designed to proliferate human bone marrow derived mesenchymal cells in an undifferentiated state. The medium has been specifically designed and tested to ensure that the medium neither promotes spontaneous differentiation of cells nor inhibits cell differentiation to osteogenic, chondrogenic, or adipogenic lineages (when properly stimulated with an appropriate differentiation media). Serum-free media, such as TheraPEAKTM MSCGMTM Mesenchymal Stem Cell Medium, are intended to support cell growth without serum supplementation. Lonza's TheraPEAKTM MSCGMTM Mesenchymal Stem Cell Medium is of primary interest to those seeking maximal control over research and manufacturing variables.  TheraPEAKTM MSCGMTM Mesenchymal Stem Cell Medium does not contain phenol red or antibiotics.


Partial List of Cells Proliferated with TheraPEAKTM MSCGMTM Mesenchymal Stem Cell Medium*:

• Human bone marrow derived stem cells

• Human periodontal ligament derived stem cells

• Human adipose derived stem cells


TheraPEAKTM MSCGMTM Mesenchymal Stem Cell Medium is offered as a BulletKitTM Medium (catalog no. BEBP18-936) which includes both the basal media and the necessary supplements for proliferation of human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells. The basal medium (MSCBMTM Mesenchymal Basal Medium; catalog no. BEBP12-934Q) and the necessary supplements (MSCGMTM SingleQuotsTM Kit ; catalog no. BEBP13-935Z5) can also be purchased individually.


*List of cells generated from customer data. Lonza only routinely uses this medium with Lonza’s human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells and can therefore only guarantee the successful use of this media with these cells All TheraPEAKTM Media are GMP products intended to support further manufacturing and are produced to GMP raw material standards. These media products conform with cGMP manufacturing compliance expectations for medical devices including 21 CFR Part 820 and ISO 13485.  TheraPEAKTM Media products are produced at FDA registered manufacturing sites with an ISO 13485 certified quality management system.  All research use only formulations are produced according to ISO:9001.

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