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Mouse T Cell NucleofectorTM Medium

Catalog #: VZB-1001
Mouse T Cell NucleofectorTM Medium – For optimal Nucleofection Performance with mouse T cells

Product Overview

For optimal Nucleofection performance with mouse T cells it is highly recommended to use Mouse T Cell NucleofectorTM Medium for cell culture steps post Nucleofection. The medium is included in our Mouse T Cell NucleofectorTM Kit (for the NucleofectorTM 2b Device (or older generations I or II)), and offered as separate product when using the P3 Kit with the 4D-NucleofectorTM System or the 96-well ShuttleTM Device.


  • Provides consistent, high-yield Nucleofection Results
  • Essential for survival of transfected mouse T cells


  • For use in combination with the P3 Primary Cell 4D-NucleofectorTM or 96-well NucleofectorTM Kits
  • For post Nucleofection Culture of mouse T cells

Content & Storage


100 mL NucleofectorTM Medium for Mouse T Cells
1 mL Medium Component A
1 mL Medium Component B

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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