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HL-1TM Serum Substitute (100X), 10 mL

Catalog #: BP77227

HL-1TM Serum Substitute, 10 mL

 150,00 CHF

Product Overview

HL-1TM FBS Substitute (100X) is an additive that can be used to replace serum or significantly reduce its concentration in a variety of basal media (e.g . IMDM, RPMI, DMEM or DMEM:F12. It contains less than 30 µg protein/ml when diluted 1:100 in medium and it does not contain bovine serum albumin or other undefined protein ingredients.

Proven to support the growth of more than 40 cell types across various species including lymphoma, cancer and even primary cells.


This BioWhittakerTM Cell Culture Media is produced according to cGMP and labelled "For Further Manufacturing" (FFM). GMP Products are intended for research or further manufacturing use only. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED FOR DIRECT THERAPEUTIC USE IN HUMANS.

If you require different pack sizes, contact Lonza for more details.


  • Serum-free cell culturing
  • Lot to lot consitancy
  • No need for batch testing


  • Cell Growth
  • Serum-free Cell Culture

Content & Storage


  • 10 ml bottle


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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