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ProDOMATM3 Serum-free Hybridoma Medium

Catalog #: BE02-032Q
ProDOMATM 3, Serum-free hybridoma Medium, with 0.1% Pluronic® F-68, without L-Glutamin or phenol red, 1 L

Product Overview

ProDomaTM Hybridoma media have been developed to be scalable from flask to bioreactor.

ProDomaTM 3 is a protein-free and non-animal origin product but not chemically defined.

ProDomaTM media contains 0.1% Pluronic® F-68 and does not contain phenol red or L-glutamine.

All BioWhittakerTM Cell Culture Media products are for Research Use Only (RUO) and are not approved for human or veterinary use or for use in clinical or in vitro diagnostic procedures. If you require GMP grade media, contact Lonza for more details.


– Hybridoma cell growth

– Monoclonal antibody production

Content & Storage


1L bottle


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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