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Platinum UltraPAKTM 5 L 3 ports, 20/case

Catalog #: 08-E210
Platinum UltraPAKTM 5 L 3 ports
1,257.00 CHF

Product Overview

As a leading supplier of flexible packaging for industrial and research applications, Lonza uses high quality proprietary film for the construction of its Platinum UltraPAKTM Products offering, which represents state-of-the-art packaging for cell culture media and related products.

In the rapid developing Biotechnology field, new processes and procedures are developing that require the packaging of sterile liquid media ad reagents in bulk flexible container systems. Lonza’s Platinum UltraPAKTM Bioprocess Container (BPC) Systems are designed as single-use containers for liquid cell culture media, reagents and buffers, as well as containment and storage vessels for intermediate and final products yielded from manufacturing processes.

Platinum UltraPAKTM Film consist of a two-web design with both layers being made completely of non-animal origin (NAO) material. Platinum UltraPAKTM layers are comprised of an inner contact and an outer support layer. The inner product contact layer is comprised of high-quality, low density polyethylene, providing flexibility and a full NAO environment. The outer film layer is comprised of nylon and polyethylene, which provides strength and acts as an excellent gas transmission barrier between the product and the environment.

Complete flexibility – The custom development process is available to those customers who need more specific packaging design for their application. Our experienced Packaging and Bioprocess engineers work closely with our clients to design a liquid delivery system to meet their exact specifications.

Contact Lonza for customized bags. A customized bag can be completed with Lonza or custom media filling.


Lonza Platinum UltraPAKTM BPC Systems provide a number of distinct advantages over rigid wall packaging systems:

  • BPC systems allow liquid packaging with minimal airspace inside the container that can cause changes in reagent pH or reagent oxidation.
  • BPS systems expand or collapse as liquid levels change, eliminating the need for sterilization of vent filters.
  • BPC systems provide a disposable primary product contact surface that, when emptied, can be compressed into a small size optimal for disposal.
  • BPC systems eliminate the need for validation of cleaning procedures for multiple-use containers.
  • Li>BPC systems provide true closed systems for addition and removal of media and reagents and provide the highest level of confidence in maintenance of sterility during use.
  • BPC systems are available in a wide variety of sizes with fill volumes between 50ml and 10.000 L.
  • Applications

    Container for large volume cell culture media, reagents and buffers.

    Content & Storage


    5L empty Bag, 20x

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