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CytoSMARTTM 2 System

Catalog #: AACS-1003

This easy-to-use live cell imaging and monitoring system captures images and records time-lapse videos of your cell cultures while they reside in the incubator. View the cells from where you are via the CytoSMARTTM App.


Review the various application examples to learn more.


Product Overview

The CytoSMARTTM 2 System is an easy-to-use and affordable live cell imaging and monitoring system. It is designed for bright-field live cell imagingin order to run applications such as general cell culture monitoring, documentation, and scratch/migration assays, which require a larger field of view (2.4 x 1.4 mm).

The CytoSMARTTM 2 System consists of a mini-microscope, the CytoSMARTTM 2 Device (roughly the size of a cell culture plate). The CytoSMARTTM 2 Device is operated through a tablet that communicates with the CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service. Capturing images and recording time-lapse videos of cell cultures are performed with the CytoSMARTTM App. Monitoring cell cultures outside of the lab can be done via smart phone, tablet, or computer, with the integrated cloud function. Data transfer to the cloud, via Wifi, Ethernet, as well as offline operation, allows for flexible data recording and storage in different network environments.


The CytoSMARTTM System is available in two configurations:

  • CytoSMARTTM 2 System (AACS-1003): CytoSMARTTM 2 Device with tablet and a two-year CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service included. The CytoSMARTTM 2 System involves annual renewals of the CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service (AWCS-1001) after two years. 
  • CytoSMARTTM 2 FR System (AACS-1004): CytoSMARTTM 2 Device with tablet and a lifespan CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service


How to renew my CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service?

The CytoSMARTTM 2 System comes with a two-year CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service included. After these 2 years, the CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud subscription will expire. After termination only basic Connect Cloud features will remain. To keep all advanced CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud features, an annual renewal of the Cloud service is required. Please use the options below to submit a purchase order for Cloud renewal (AWCS-1001 CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service). 

To ensure a continuous use of all advanced CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Services, submit your purchase order no later than six weeks prior to license expiration.


How to submit a purchase order for CytoSMARTTM Connect Service annual renewal?


What CytoSMARTTM Features can I use with Basic Connect Cloud Service?

After expiration of the CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service, only basic Connect Cloud Services will remain with the following features:

  • The online storage capacity for images is 1 GB versus 5 GB with advanced CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service
  • Online storage of any started CytoSMARTTM Project is seven days
  • No advanced CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Services are available such as alert functionality for cell coverage and temperature, temperature and cell coverage graph 


Data of old CytoSMARTTM Projects need to be downloaded to a local drive before license expiration, as data are no longer available afterwards.



This Stock Clearance Sale promotion is limited in time and subject to product availability. All orders must be accompanied by a quotation from Lonza. Orders must be received by 30 November 2019 to be eligible for the promotion. This offer will not be extended after the above-mentioned deadline. Available in participating countries only.

Basis for clearance sale: Lonza will discontinue its CytoSMARTTM System product line beginning of 2020 and stock is cleared. Lonza will continue to support customers within the warranty period. Beyond that CytoSMART Technologies BV will provide after-sales support to Lonza CytoSMARTTM customers.


CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Terms and Conditions

Please note that we have updated our CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Terms and Conditions  effective September 1st 2018. Changes simplify the Cloud renewal process for those who purchased the CytoSMARTTM System with 2 years Connect Cloud access included (CytoSMARTTM LUX 10X System - AACS-1001 and CytoSMARTTM 2 System – AACS-1003). 


  • Easy handling
  • Set-up of system within minutes
  • Small size
  • Easily fits in every incubator
  • Cloud technology
  • Monitor your cell culture anywhere and anytime


  • Automatic photo/video documentation of scratch assays
  • Remote monitoring of stem cells
  • Documentation of stem cell culture under hypoxic and/or GMP conditions or of iPSC reprogramming
  • Automatic alerts for confluency, recording of cell growth curves and screening of culture media and growth factors allow standardization of cell cultures

Content & Storage


  • CytoSMARTTM 2 Device
  • CytoSMARTTM Tablet
  • CytoSMARTTM 2 Connect 2 Yrs Cloud License


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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