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CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service

Catalog #: AWCS-1001

One year renewal of CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service for the CytoSMARTTM  2 System


Product Overview

The CytoSMARTTM 2 System comes with a two-year CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud License included to access advanced CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Services such as alert functionalities or cell coverage graph. The annual CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud renewal ensures a continuous use of all advanced CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Services after the initial two years of included Cloud access. 

When the CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud License is not extended, only basic Connect Cloud features are available. 


Which CytoSMARTTM Features can I use with Basic Connect Cloud Service?

The CytoSMARTTM 2 System comes with a two-year CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service included. After these 2 years, the CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud subscription will expire. After termination, only basic Connect Cloud Services will remain with the following features:

  • The online storage capacity for images is 1 GB versus 5 GB with advanced CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service
  • Online storage of any started CytoSMARTTM Project is seven days
  • No advanced CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Services are available such as alert functionality for cell coverage and temperature, temperature and cell coverage graph


What happens if I do not extend the Connect Cloud Service for my CytoSMARTTM System?

If you do not continue your subscription to the CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service after 2 years, only basic Connect Cloud Service will remain. Please remember to download data of old Projects to a local drive before license expiration, as data are no longer available afterwards. 


How to renew my CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service?

To ensure a continuous use of all advanced CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Services, submit your purchase order no later than six weeks prior to license expiration. Please use the following options to submit a purchase order for Cloud renewal (AWCS-1001 CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Service):  


CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Terms and Conditions

Current Terms and Conditions can be reviewed here. Please note that we are updating our CytoSMARTTM Connect Cloud Terms and Conditions effective September 1st. Changes will simplify the Cloud renewal process for those who purchased the CytoSMARTTM System with 2 years Connect Cloud access included (CytoSMARTTM LUX 10X System - AACS-1001 and CytoSMARTTM 2 System – AACS-1003).


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

Please enter Lot Number, including all zeros, located on the product label and please take into account that it is case sensitive.

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