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ViaLightTM MDA Plus Microbial Proliferation and Cytotoxicity Kit, 1000 Test

Catalog #: LT07-122
ViaLightTM MDA Plus, 1,000 Tests

Product Overview

The VialightTM MDA Plus Kit is intended for the rapid measurement of viable microbial cell number. The kit uses ATP bioluminescence and is rapid, sensitive and highly reproducible. The ViaLightTM Plus Kit has extended signal stability and can detect down to 1000 bacteria or 100 yeast per well in a 96 well plate.

The kit has been optimized and reformulated to ensure complete lysis of microbial cells, an extended signal half life in excess of 8 hours, whilst still producing a linear signal over 4 decades. The assay is quick and simple to perform; assay an entire 96 well plate in <15 minutes.


  • Fast - Results from a 96 well plate can be processed and analyzed in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Sensitive - Detect as few as 10 cells allowing for lower seeding densities and more assays.
  • Convenient - Simply add two reagents directly to your culture well and read. No cell washing or medium removal required.
  • Flexible - Dynamic range of 5 decades and excellent performance with both adherent or suspension cultures allows you to design the experiment for your needs.
  • Robust - Stable bioluminescent signal (half-life >5 hours) facilitates manual or batch processing. And, unlike MTT or Alamar Blue assays, ViaLightTM Bioassays are not prone to interference due to culture condition changes.


  • Measuring microbial cell numbers
  • Cytotoxicity and proliferation studies
  • Yeast fermentation research
  • Drug screening in Microbiology Research Departments - Anti-Microbial, Anti-infectives & Anti-fungals in Drug Research & Multi Drug Resistance.
  • Drug screening and HTS - many pharmaceutical companies perform cell viability assays on Yeast as opposed to human cell lines.

Content & Storage


1000 tests (Sufficient for 10 plates)

  • 2 x LT27-212 ATP monitoring reagent plus, Lyophilized
  • 2 x LT27-079 Assay buffer, 50 mL bottles
  • 1 x LT27-240 Bactolyse plus, 50 mL bottle


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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