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RAFT™ Transwell Absorbers for 24-Well Inserts, 48 qty

Catalog #: 016-1R33

RAFTTM 24-Well Transwell Absorber Inserts, 48 qty


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Product Overview

The RAFTTM 3D Cell Culture System uses rat tail collagen type 1 along with patented absorber technology to create a realistic cellular environment to study cells' complex behavior. RAFTTM Kit is a simple-to-use 3D cell culture system that enables the production of robust, reproducible 3D cultures in less than an hour.

RAFTTM Absorbers – The biocompatible absorbers are designed to work with standard 96- or 24-well cell culture plates as well as 24-well cell culture inserts. Once the cells are mixed with RAFTTM Reagents, the absorbers are utilized to compress and absorb excess liquid from the collagen mixture. This results in the creation of well-controlled, high-density collagen scaffolds embedded with cell type(s) of choice. The RAFTTM Systemallows users to create high-density collagen scaffolds that are representative of a natural, more in vivo like environment for cells to grow and interact more efficiently.

RAFTTM 24-well Insert Kit for Cell Culture Inserts (catalog number 016-1R25 and 016-1R33). RAFTTM Insert Absorbers are designed to be used with 24-well permeable membrane cell culture inserts. This additional kit is offered to enhance the versatility of the system further by allowing researchers to generate co-culture models, and barrier models including air-lift models. 

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48 x Absorbers for 24-Well Transwell Inserts


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A Three-Dimensional RAFT™ Co-Culture as Advanced Model for Breast Cancer Drug Discovery

Presented at AACR 2017, we demonstrate here the feasibility of co-culturing human mammary fibroblasts and human mammary epithelial cells in RAFT™ 3D Culture System as a 3D breast cancer model.

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